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The Zero Knowledge Community forum is intended as a place to further the discussion around important and cut-of-the-edge research and engineering related to Zero-Knowledge, decentralized privacy, and encryption. That includes, but is not limited to asking questions about, proposing or sharing updates on

  • ZK smart contract / scaling / identity / voting / storage systems
  • ZK Recursive Proof Systems / Tooling / Games / NFTs
  • Trusted Execution Environments (TEE)
  • Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC)
  • Moon math: Finite fields, elliptic curves, and polynomial arithmetic
  • Formal Verification / Circuit Testing
  • Fully homomorphic encryption (FHE)
  • Threshold / Post Quantum Cryptography

This is not a space for:

  • ICOs, airdrops, investing advice, price analysis, etc.
  • Project or event marketing (even those related to ZK)
  • Recruiting

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Forum Features!

LaTeX Equations

This forum supports \LaTeX equations between $dollar signs$. The default LaTeX style is the “inline” style which looks like \sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n , in text this is

$ \sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n $

However, if you start your equation with $$ on it’s own beginning and teminating line like,

\sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n

it looks like this

\sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n


We also support images.


If you ever have any questions or requests that we can help you with related to this forum or the broader zk community, let us know!