Thaler Study Group

In case you missed it, The ZK HACK Thaler Study Group kicked off a new weekly study group focused on reviewing the “work in progress” manuscript from Justin Thaler “Theory, Practice, Implementation of Proofs, Arguments, and Zero-Knowledge”.

The meet-ups are split between implementation and book deep-dives led by Justin Thaler, hosted by Thor Kamphefner (@cryptograthor) with the primary goal being to review the latest theory, practice, implementation of zero knowledge.

The main audience of this study group is cryptographic engineers, aspiring and professional. During the following months ahead, expect a roughly alternating schedule of reading weeks and implementation weeks. Implementation weeks will be opportunistically scheduled after reading weeks where appropriate, where the study group will practice implementing major protocols, and review each other’s implementations. This should be an opportunity to get your hands dirty, apply your new knowledge, and get practice working with others on cryptography projects.

During the course of study, the group will bring in experienced cryptographic library developers to discuss their production implementations and review study groupers’ implementations.

Join the ZK HACK Discord #thaler-book-study-group to follow along!

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Thor’s code and lecture notes
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