Episode 196 Discussion: Mixnets, Activism and Privacy with Nym’s Harry Halpin

I am excited to join the zk podcast community. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This is my first post here.

The concept of Mixnets mentioned in the latest podcast had brought me into a new paradigm as I know every little about network trafficking and I am still researching on this topic.

I understand why Nym choose not to go with P2P, routing network traffic in a way that makes it untraceable sounds like a good idea to add extra layer of security (if it wasn’t too costly and assuming mix node participants are honest).

However, there are also other protocols can provide similar functionality of being a privacy layer / intermediary for existing use cases. I personally think there is no best solution for all use cases. But I am somewhat concern about the corruption within those “mix nodes”. What do you think of the concept of mixnets?

Link to the podcast: Episode 196: Mixnets, Activism and Privacy with Nym’s Harry Halpin – ZK Podcast

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